PCB Design & Layout

We provide PCB Design & Layout service. The board will be designed in time and with high-quality according to your requirements. To start to do the design & layout we need from you a schematic, netlist, BOM, requirements and design constraints for future board.

Areas of PCB Layout Expertise

  • High Speed serial Interconnects: HMC (Hybrid Memory Cube), Leap® On-Board Transceiver, PCI Express 3.0, Aurora, SATA-3, SFP28, QSFP28, CXP, CFP2/4/8, Display Port, HDMI;
  • High Speed parallel designs: PCI-X, DDR/2/3/DDR4, QDR-II/QDR-IV,RLDRAM-II/RLDRAM-III
  • Board’s format: AMC, XMC, cPCI, cPCI Serial, FMC+ and FMC;
  • Digital, Analog, Mixed and RF designs;
  • High Voltage and High Current designs;
  • 100% handle routing method
  • High Pin count parts: 2000+ pins;
  • High Density PCBs: > 500 pins / Sq. inch;
  • Layer count boards: 28+ layers;
  • 24 / 7 Design Support;
16Gbps, DDR4, Stratix-5 TI DSP, DDR3
28Gbps, HMC, DDR4, Virtex UltraScale+ 16 Lanes PCIe, DDR4, QDR-IV, 28Gbps, Virtex UltraScale+

During the design phase and depending on the board complexity level, Signal Integrity, Power Integrity, EMI, Thermal Analysis and 3D modeling is performed to find out and resolve any issues before fabrication of the board.

Output Documentation

  • Tools Database files
  • Gerber (including FAB drawing) and NC Drill files
  • IPC-356 netlist
  • XY coordinates (Pick & Place) of each component
  • Assembly in PDF and DXF formats
  • Additional files available upon request