PCB Manufacturing

We cooperate with factories located in USA, Canada, Taiwan and China to provide the manufacturing services of printed circuit boards in Russia. To improve our services we are always looking for new PCB manufacturers who can produce printed circuit boards with high quality and on time. If you are PCB manufacturer and have the material like Nelco, Megtron 6 and Rogers or similar for high speed design (up to 28 Gbps) in stock and you can do the backdrilling, edge plating, the different thickness within one PCB, please send us your capability and samples.

Manufacturing Capability:

  • Multilayer PCB;
  • High Density PCB with blind and buried vias;
  • Aluminum PCB;
  • High Speed PCB based on Nelco, Megtron 6 materials;
  • High Frequency PCB based on Rogers, Taconic and Arlon materials;
  • Edge plating;
  • The different materials within one PCB;
  • Rigid-Flex PCB;
  • Finished Copper Thickness: 0.5-5 OZ;
  • 100% electrical test;
  • Impedance control;
  • PCB fabricates according to IPC-А-600;

We can help you to build the stack-up according to your requirements based on available materials at this time.